Thursday, May 22, 2008

Vegas Vacation

I got back from a three-day trip to Vegas last night. Right now you are probably thinking "What can you do in Vegas if you don't gamble, go to clubs, drink, etc.?" But it was a really great time. I drove down with a couple friends and we just chilled. Lots of pool time, lots of shopping, lots of relaxing. To me, Vegas is so funny. It's a random development based upon card games and showgirls in the middle of the desert that people travel to from around the world. I met these tourists from Iran at the gas station, and Vegas was on their list of things to do along with seeing the Grand Canyon and San Francisco. The shopping is pretty top notch, but I wouldn't say that Vegas is a "must see" if I didn't live close by. The development is still going crazy down there. They are building these huge high-rises of condos on the strip that looks like something out of Bladerunner. Vegas is such a wake-up call. I forget how worldly (and obese) most people in our country are. I'm materialistic alright, but Vegas just seems to bring out the worst of it in people.

The funniest thing to me was the M&M's store. I really like M&M's, so I went just to see the wall of M&M's. But people were just going crazy in there buying shirts, mugs, stickers, magnets, etc. And I'm sure their houses really need more junk and knick-knacks. Only in Vegas would a store like that survive.

Sorry there are no pictures. I accidentally put my digital camera in the washing machine as mentioned in a previous post. Hopefully I will get a new one before the summer ends.


Pink Monkey said...

I just got back from Vegas the other day also... I also find it a very funny place. People become a different person there for one reason or another. It seems so easy to sort of 'tune' out the world there, which is almost an oxymoron... maybe I should say its easy to get lost there

Steve said...

Seems Amanda has been preoccupied with the typical demands of college, i.e. scholastic and non-scholastic. I have to admit, she DID say something about "pursuing 'fun'"...which has kept her from making daily notes to her blog. I would actually be VERY interested in her insights there at BYU. She has a cousin (my brother's son) who is about to return from Thailand as a missionary. Unfortunately, or fortunately, whichever way you want to take it, he IS NOT returning to BYU, but is more likely to attend ASU in Tempe, Arizona. Maybe Amanda can posit an explanation as to why some members of the church (BYU is a funded university of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) decide it's "not for him or her" having nothing to do with a "worthiness" factor--possibly social, possibly a lack of open-minded thinking...I don't know.

The second observation I have is the rather stale impression UNLV made on me while I was in Vegas. My perception, while having nothing to do with academic prowess, deals with the fact that that the campus seems to be made up mostly of CONCRETE...incredibly ugly...the buildings are so, so. The library is up-to-date, but again, the landscaping is more like moonscape I'm sorry to say. I think of BYU and it makes me think of Switzerland in comparison.