Monday, May 5, 2008

Ensenada FUN Ride

My dad posted this as a comment, and I thought I'd repost it here for everyone:

"Along with all the other fun activities Amanda has immersed herself in this summer is a "fun ride" she'll be taking part in September 2008 called the "Rosarita-Ensenada Fun Ride". As the name suggests, it starts in a little sleepy fishing town south of Tiajuana, MEX called Rosarita and ends in the well-known cruise stop of Ensenada.

It was created by an American who wanted to do something to help the children of this region of Mexico enjoy biking. Approxiamately 8,000 riders take part in it twice a year--in April and September. Make sure and check out the website... It's for ANYONE who considers themselves in fairly good shape. You pay about $35 dollars and get an entry number and a great T-shirt.

Please talk to Amanda about it and see if any of you would like to join us for this BEAUTIFUL COASTAL/MOUNTAIN ride ending in Ensenada where Vespa rentals, Kayak rentals etc. can be had on the cheap. It lasts just ONE DAY and includes a bus ride back to Rosarita to pick up your vehicles."

My dad and I have always loved to bike together. This ride should be a great experience, and I need to start getting in shape now because 50 miles is no cake walk. Anyone who is interested should definitely come!!! The ride is September 27, and we'll probably spend a couple nights in Mex. before and after.

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Ben Treasure said...

Um... needless to say, I'm in.