Saturday, May 10, 2008

I Forgot the Prophet's Milk

I must say I had a pretty good week. I hit some balls on the driving range in preparation for my first game of 9 holes next week, and I actually got a few into the air. I know some people who love golf so much they would choose it over skiing/snowboarding. If I had to choose between golf and skiing, I think I would choose skiing. Golf is chill, but skiing is thrilling. We'll see though; maybe a golf addiction is in my future.

The coolest part of the week hands-down was serving President Monson. He is such a stud. When I started pouring him sparkling apple juice, he gave me this look that said, "Don't you know I like to drink ice-cold 2% milk with my lunch?" I quickly ran (literally) to grab the milk and he said (out loud this time), "Thank you." Cool story, huh? Pres. Eyring and Pres. Uchtdorf were also at the function. The people at the Prophet's table were talking about David Archuleta and American Idol all through lunch, but Pres. Monson didn't really participate in the conversation. I think he was enjoying not having to speak for once. He was very quiet and it seemed like he was in a serious mood.

Some of the servers were very star-struck from all the General Authorities in their presence. I think it's awesome when I get to serve the big wigs of the Church, but really they are just men who received callings that needed to be filled. In my opinion every calling is important, and being an Apostle or a Prophet is fulfilling what was asked of them- they didn't campaign or audition for the job. There are many worthy priesthood holders in the Church that could serve in those positions. I don't mean to belittle the importance of the calling or seem like I have any disrespect for the GA's because I love and honor them. I just don't see them as celebrities.

Speaking of celebrities, David Archuleta came back to Utah yesterday, and it was complete pandemonium wherever he went. It's crazy that a couple months ago he left a normal Murray teenager, and now he comes back and has the Governor greet him and thousands of screaming girls following him around. I hope he wins American Idol because he is so talented and yet so humble. David C. is cocky and not unique (Daughtry has a much better voice and better presence) and Sayesha doesn't have a big enough voice to ever make it as a "diva" ballad singer like Whitney or Mariah, but hey anyone can be successful in pop music if you have the right producer.

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