Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Excited for Camp Walden

Today I secured a job as a summer camp counselor at Camp Walden in Diamond Point, NY. The camp is located on Lake George in the Adirondack mountains. From the pictures online and the DVD I received in the mail, the camp facilities and surrounding area look absolutely amazing. The camp has tons of recreational activities available: swimming, wakeboarding, sailing, kayaking, a water trampoline!, basketball, softball, tennis, horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, camping, and a zip line, just to name a few.

This seems like the perfect summer job for me. From June 26 through August 15 I will be playing outside with fun kids all day long. I will probably be working with the 1st/2nd grade girls since I have the most experience with this age group from teaching skiing. After speaking to the camp director it sounds like there are a lot of awesome people who work at Walden that I'll get to hang out with on my off-time.

I'm excited for this job because I really love working with kids. Teaching kids can sometimes be challenging, but it is so rewarding to see them grow. For me, working with kids develops characteristics like patience, conscientiousness, creativity, and optimism. I know my patience has improved immensely since teaching kids. I'm looking forward to being a positive role model for the campers and making sure they have an awesome time. Some of my favorite memories from my youth are from summer camp. I will have to post about some as the summer gets closer.


mrs. r said...

congrats on the job! even though i know one boy named matt who is going to miss you terribly.

you are really great with kids. really, really great. tyson happens to be obsessed with you.

Laura B from the LBC said...

That sounds really cool! I want to come!

Marissa said...

that sounds fun! whip those lil new yorker kids in shape!~