Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring is Coming!

I'm pretty over the snow and the cold weather. The only activity that allows me to deal with it at all is skiing. I was starting to think winter would last forever because of all the snow Utah's received, but thankfully it's almost mid-March and it appears spring weather is just around the corner. The close proximity of a new season leads to a very important question: what am I going to wear when the sweaters and Uggs are all boxed up?

I am in LOVE with this amazing Charlotte Ronson top. Unfortunately it's a bit steep for my budget- $172 at Urban. But I'm sure I can find an acceptable knock-off amidst Forever 21's hundreds of blouses. The shorts are more affordable at $38, and they come in four cute colors.

I really love this look and it will be the basis of my spring wardrobe- light, airy tops, shorter shorts (because my legs will be looking good after so much running...right?), and big floppy hats. Shoes are a given: Rainbows, of course. And I will be stocking up on fun tees by Volcom and Roxy.

I don't know how I feel about the higher waistlines that are back in style. I really liked the low-rise jeans and it feels weird having material up to your belly button. On the plus side, they are much easier to pair tops with. Hopefully Shade doesn't go out of business due to a decreased demand for long shirts to cover the very tacky mid-drift.

I'm glad skinny jeans are still kickin' because I just started wearing them! I'm not one to immediately embrace trends, especially when it comes to fashion. A lot of things just have to grown on me (music, etc.).

I'm really excited for new sunglasses. I usually let myself buy a pair every summer. Last summer I wore white VonZippers, and they got me loving big glasses. I'm thinking about either a bright blue or green pair this year, or this Roxy pair. I will definitely have to try them on first. You like?


Laura B from the LBC said...

Um, I hate high waisted jeans. I will never wear those. If I have to personally keep Shdde in business, I will.

I am so excited for spring!

KimmyJ said...

Seriously....not a fan of the shades. I am pleased to see you are embracing color though. I still have some work to do!

karen, makeupandbeautyblog.com said...

I love those glasses. I have several pairs of big, crazy, blinged out glasses. They are quite obnoxious and that's why I rock them.

They also protect your eyes from wrinkles and sun damage, too!

You just reminded me, I have to ask my mom-in-law to send me some Volcom shirts from Hawaii...

Amanda Pyper said...

I am in love Volcom shirts, and they always have the coolest ones exclusive to Hawaii. I gotta get back there ASAP! For more than just the shirts...the whole place has such a good vibe.

Piece of Cake said...

Hi Amanda, thanks for stopping by. I love my shades and living in a tropical country, they are a necessity. I wasn't a shade wearer until recently and I regret not wearing them sooner after looking at the wrinkles on my forehead. Those are hideous, I tell ya!

And high-waisted jeans, oh, oh, oh, I'm so glad I still keep my jeans from that era cos honestly, when it comes to hiding my unsightly bulges, high-waisted jeans rules.