Thursday, March 13, 2008

No Visitors Allowed

I was serving a small CES luncheon at the Jo yesterday that included Elder Ballard, Elder Nelson, Elder Tingey, Sister Beck, Pres. Samuelson, and the other church school presidents and advisory council members. They were all very nice, and Elder Nelson practiced pronouncing "Wednesday" in Spanish with me and ate some fruit and carrot cake for lunch. But enough with the stalker notes, here's the real dirt.

I couldn't help but overhear as I set up the buffet table that BYU-Hawaii is no longer accepting visiting students. I don't think this has been officially announced because I couldn't find the news anywhere (even Google left me dry), but maybe I'm just out of the loop. I don't know who exactly said it because my back was turned, but one of the brethren said very matter-of-factly, "A visiting student is a surfer who wants to spend six weeks in Hawaii and takes one or two classes so they can tell Mom and Dad it's school." They might be old, but these guys still know what's up!

Students and non-students alike will still flock to the chill capital of the world, Laie, HI, for their summer fun. Any young[ish] person can live in the unkempt and dirty off-campus student housing for a comparable amount to spending a summer in Provo. Don't get me wrong, I loved my house on the beach, but the termites in the counters, cockroaches on the floor, and ants on my face were a bit bothersome. But it's all part of the experience, right?

Oceanfront property- $350/month


KimmyJ said...

This is just tragic...thank goodness we already lived the dream.

Marissa said...

that is crazy..i guess it's a good thing you guys had your semester of fun..haha..but will all hte freshman girls do now...go home to their loser friends...stay in ptown?? mmm...Alisha was banking on it..but of course she wants to live at Turtle Bay..hahah!

karen, said...

OMG - that view!!!

Mrs. Lynne, said...

Hi Amanda!

Thanks for stopping by my little cyber shop :)

Girl, I wish I could pay $350 for beach front property! So are you currently here on the island? I've only been to Laie a few times but when I go, I visit the lizard rocks, I forget the name.

Anyhow, I hope you're having a great weekend. Thanks again for checking out the blog and I do hope to hear from you more often!

Steve said...

Along with all the other fun activities Amanda has immersed herself in this summer is a "fun ride" she'll be taking part in September 2008 called the "Rosarita-Ensenada Fun Ride". As the name suggests, it starts in a little sleepy fishing town south of Tiajuana, MEX called Rosarita and ends in the well-known cruise stop of Ensenada.

It was created by an American who wanted to do something to help the children of this region of Mexico enjoy biking. Approxiamately 8,000 riders take part in it twice a year--in April and September. Make sure and check out the website... It's for ANYONE who considers themselves in fairly good shape. You pay about $35 dollars and get an entry number and a great T-shirt.

Please talk to Amanda about it and see if any of you would like to join us for this BEAUTIFUL COASTAL/MOUNTAIN ride ending in Ensenada where Vespa rentals, Kayak rentals etc. can be had on the cheap. It lasts just ONE DAY and includes a bus ride back to Rosarita to pick up your vehicles.